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Small Business

The following is a selection of articles and radio broadcasts mainly from January 2005 to the present. To explore this topic in more depth and access earlier columns, please use the search box.


NZ Herald 2 July 2016

Q&As: A reader challenges my 2008 advice on term deposits
- Another wants to buy - not sell - UK shares right now
- Family should consider inner Auckland townhouse
- My motive is uncovered!
- Some lucky reading at McDonalds
- Corrections

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Radio NZ 11 February 2016

Why it's not easy to get rich quick

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NZ Herald 13 September 2014

Q&As: How would Labour's proposed variable KiwiSaver contributions rate work?
- Labour's capital gains tax and.... shares
- ... public submissions before the tax is enacted
- ... how inheritances would be treated
- ... family homes and baches in a trust
- ... using part of the home for business
- ... its effect on house prices
- ... its effect on rents

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NZ Herald 28 June 2014

Q&As: Car buying decisions not always rational
- Should young man invest in Fiji, buy a house, or neither?
- Why it takes so long to process KiwiSaver contributions
- When must self-employed make employer contributions to KiwiSaver?
- I will try to run more non-KiwiSaver Q&As
- Last week's picture offends a reader

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NZ Herald 19 October 2013

Q&As: Is there life after bankruptcy?
- Tax on KiwiSaver not as bad as portrayed
- Pay highest interest mortgages and other loans first
- One reader dislikes my comment on grammar, but three support it

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NZ Herald 28 January 2012

Q&As: Are employers allowed to take their employer contributions to KiwiSaver out of employees' pay?
- How a KiwiSaver in that situation can stop employer contributions - although it won't gain her much
- Pluses and minuses of the suggested "life stages" KiwiSaver default funds
- Professionalism "the kiwi way" can be a winner in the tourism industry
- Motel owners don't tend to do it for long

Money column for January 28 2011

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NZ Herald 21 January 2012

Q&As: 2 Q&As suggest it's not always easy to go into the motel business, or other tourism or hospitality businesses
- Should couple stop health insurance and set up their own fund to cover medical expenses?
- Is KiwiSaver still worth being in, given changes that make it less attractive?

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NZ Herald 6 August 2011

Q&As: Am I flogging a dead horse over annuities?
Why annuities are not popular
Perhaps the government should provide annuities
Different types of annuities available
Would it be wise to get an annuity from a UK company?
How KiwiSaver changes will affect shareholder employees

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NZ Herald 10 April 2010

Q&As: Accountant spills the beans on landlords' taxes
Reader may leave New Zealand because of rental property tax changes
Small businesses have a harder run than landlords
Last week's correspondent still angry
Two quick - and contradictory - letters

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NZ Herald May 31 2008

Q&As: 2 Q&As on how the self-employed can make the most of KiwiSaver.
More to come on tax deductibility of mortgage interest when you rent out your former home.

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NZ Herald May 3 2008

Q&As: Measuring movements of the Kiwi dollar against the US dollar can be quite misleading.
Last week's boss responds to my response to him!
KiwiSaver tough on small businesses.
Many reasons to use Indian labour rather than NZ labour.
NZ workers not so bad.

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NZ Herald December 15 2007

Q&As: Courses and grants help beneficiaries set up their own businesses.
Big earner is wrong to think KiwiSaver is not for him.
Why KiwiSaver money sits around at Inland Revenue for several weeks - although at least it earns interest.

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NZ Herald July 21 2007

Q&As: Are the 65-pluses getting a raw deal?
One reader thinks richer superannuitants are already spoilt.
Self-employed reader doesn't realise what a good deal he's on to.
KiwiSaver options for small business couple.

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NZ Herald July 14 2007

30 talented readers will win copies of KiwiSaver book
Q&As: How the KiwiSaver tax credit is calculated, and details for self-employed people.
KiwiSaver and taxation, plus more for the self-employed

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Syndicated column April 28 2007: Think again about those KiwiSaver tax breaks

Many readers were no doubt pleased to hear of Winston Peters' recent hints that the May 17 Budget will include tax breaks in the KiwiSaver retirement savings scheme. But only some will benefit - and it will be at the expense of others, and the country as a whole.

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NZ Herald November 18 2006

Q&As: Should we get bigger tax deductions for donations to charity? Also - give Christmas gifts to those who really need them.
Readers disagree over the price of a 1950s pie.
Buying shares company by company, over the years, not the best strategy.
Is the new proposed tax on international shares fair?

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NZ Herald July 22 2006

Q&As: 2 on whether preparation and research plays a part in "luck".
Winning entries in competition to win a copy of "Get Rich Slow".

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NZ Herald January 21 2006

Q&As: Shares v term deposits - it depends how much time you have.
Short-of-cash millionaires should try to renegotiate their mortgage.
When is a 2% penalty not 2%?

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NZ Herald January 14 2006

Q&As: Should man, 53, go with bank and seminar rental recommendation?
Young couple ponder buying share of family farm.
should Mary answer all readers' letters?

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Holm Truths summer 05-06

Can you get rich quick?: Only by taking big risks

Also in this issue: From the Mailbox - Spending in retirement

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NZ Herald November 12 2005

Q&As: The pros and cons of self employment and income splitting.
Comparing shares with property is tricky.
How movements in the dollar affect investment in international share funds.

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NZ Herald November 5 2005

Q&As: Share funds v rental property.
Income splitting by the self-employed - is it OK?

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NZ Herald January 22 2005

Q&As: Couple "retiring" in their 30s wonder how to invest their savings.
94-year-old share trader doing just fine.
How to run a caravan rental business.

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NZ Herald January 15 2005

Q&As: You can make money by leasing out caravans.
Economist confesses how bad all foreign exchange forecasts are.

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