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Finance Company Investments

The following is a selection of articles and radio broadcasts mainly from January 2005 to the present. To explore this topic in more depth and access earlier columns, please use the search box.


NZ Herald 22 March 2014

Q&As: 60 is not too old to get a mortgage and buy a first home
- Buying a home is not the only way to financial security
- Don't overlook tax if buying a rental with the aim of selling at a profit
- Want to free up money? Try moving to Tokoroa
- Just one bank and one finance company respond to term deposit challenge

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NZ Herald 27 April 2013

Q&As: Steer clear of foreign exchange trading
- Pensioner should also steer clear of finance companies offering high interest
- How you can avoid partial assets sales shares in KiwiSaver
- Not saying "I told you so" about investing in gold
- Buying a home still a good idea for couple in late 40s

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NZ Herald 18 August 2012

Q&As: New research helps to answer whether couple in early 50s should worry about how much they are saving
- KiwiSaver funds won't be the next finance companies
- Should young man overseas repay his student loan?

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NZ Herald 9 July 2011

Q&As: Reader wants to pay financial adviser according to performance, but advisers not so keen
- Adviser's reason for putting clients into finance companies is not good enough
- RFAs - registered financial advisers - must also operate under stricter rules
- Grandma might want to put conditions on financial help for student grandchildren

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NZ Herald 30 April 2011

Q&As: A reader's attempt to recover tax on finance company interest is a nice try, but ...
Wanting less and working less doesn't preclude tall poppies
Creative ideas on how to cut household expenses
Did I get the banking system wrong, or did a reader?
At least one bank - sort of - will lend to share investors

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NZ Herald 2 April 2011

Q&As: Executives of failed finance companies can't get away with wearing the dunce's hat
- Beware "investment houses" offering 20-per-cent-plus returns
- Why did long-term investment go backwards?

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NZ Herald 26 March 2011

Q&As: Where does the money go when a finance company fails?
- How bank mortgage interest rates are set, and how to compare them
- Should a reader switch from a fixed to a floating mortgage?

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Syndicated column 23 October 2010 - Where did the finance company money go?

A reader is trying to get his head around his finance company loss. "I'm wondering if you would please consider writing an article on how investment companies lose their money - actually our money - and what happens to the money," he writes.

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Syndicated column 31 July 2010 - Ridiculous offers shouldn't be banned

Two recent press releases had a similar ring to them. Both warned about offers to buy investments at low prices. But there's a key difference between the two situations.

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NZ Herald 27 February 2010

Q&As: KiwiSaver trustee change raises questions about how much trustees protect members
Hazards of dealing with an overseas sharebroker
What's the difference between investing and gambling?

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NZ Herald 12 December 2009

Q&As: Which investment advisers charge fees - and why that is a good start
Winners of draw to go to Taskforce breakfast and lunch

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NZ Herald May 30 2009

Q&As: "Gambler" with foreign currency movements had better get out of the casino before he loses more than his shirt
2 readers object to what I said last week about managed funds - but are their comments fair?
The fun continues over classic cars and whether they make good investments

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NZ Herald March 21 2009

Q&As: Tips for retired couple whose interest income has halved.
Savings accounts may pay more interest than term deposits - but take care.
Tax on foreign shares seems tough in current environment

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NZ Herald October 18 2008

Q&As: Everything you need to know about the government's new deposit guarantee scheme.
Under the new scheme, should we move our money from banks to covered finance companies?
Will KiwiSaver still be good for self-employed 62-year-old if National wins the election?
Plus: Readers' views on KiwiSaver

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NZ Herald March 29 2008

Q&As: Do Blue Chip, finance company and other investment victims deserve what's happened?
2 Q&As on "nicer" ways to invest than rental property.
Electronic tax payment problems not common.

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NZ Herald September 1 2007

Q&As: How the typical KiwiSaver investment fund differs from a finance company
Would it work for the government to sign a contract that it wouldn't change KiwiSaver over the years?
More winning entries for the KiwiSaver book

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NZ Herald March 17 2007

Q&As: Landlords, beware! Changes being considered in rental property taxation.
Reader feels unfairly punished by Reserve Bank's interest rate hike.
The word "secured" in a debenture ad is hardly a warning sign. The company is just following the law.

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NZ Herald October 7 2006

Q&As: Should you portfolio be regularly serviced? And how do you calculate the return on it?
How to work out which term deposit is better.
What's in a finance company name?

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NZ Herald August 19 2006

Q&As: The average New Zealander can't afford to buy a house, or can they? The poor don't stay poor.
How one man keeps his costs down.
Flaws with a tax parable? And a man living on $1,000 a year?
An investment adviser gives us inside info on commissions.

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NZ Herald July 15 2006

Q&As: Lessons from the Bible: Is borrowing bad?
Is luck or attitude the secret to wealth?
Sharebrokers shouldn't always be expected to give ongoing advice.

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NZ Herald July 8 2006

Q&As: What to do about negligent adviser who recommended bad finance company investment.
Do high earners pay too much of the tax burden?
Parable about why the highest taxed get the biggest tax breaks.

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NZ Herald January 21 2006

Q&As: Shares v term deposits - it depends how much time you have.
Short-of-cash millionaires should try to renegotiate their mortgage.
When is a 2% penalty not 2%?

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NZ Herald September 17 2005

Q&As: Don't be rushed into buying an apartment.
2 Q&As on how student loans can be invested.
A finance company has its say.

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NZ Herald August 6 2005

Q&As: 18-year-old should wait a bit before buying a house.
Saving for the grandchildren - how much risk is good?
Rental property depreciation risks.

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NZ Herald April 16 2005

Q&As: Woman can get her dream property - if she makes some sacrifices.
What does finance company gearing mean?
Who hears a will being read?

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Holm Truths summer 04-05

Scattering the seeds: By diversifying, you reduce risk but not returns

Also in this issue: From the Mailbox - Some people over-save for retirement

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Holm Truths winter 04

3rd big question: When? - How should you time your investing?

Also in this issue: From the Mailbox - Where to invest while saving for a car

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