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NZ Herald 9 December 2017

&As: Is it terrible to rent all your life rather than buy a home?
- Young man wanting to buy a home should make the most of KiwiSaver
- A real world example of a house price plunging
- Clarification on last week's letter about sole parent support from WINZ
- Sorry, but we're not getting into matchmaking in the column!

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NZ Herald 2 December 2017

Q&As: Situation not so bad for mother-to-be going onto a benefit
- 2 readers misunderstood last week's house price graph
- Meaningful Christmas presents

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NZ Herald 6 May 2017

Q&As: Index fund comparison inaccurate - and look how shares have grown!
- Broke couple could share their house ...
- ... or live on a boat
- Beneficiaries entitled too
- Paying for your rest home? Lucky you
- Services for Seniors booklet tells all

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NZ Herald 29 April 2017

Q&As: Binary options scam victim wants to warn others
- Scammers can fool anyone
- Reader's suggestions for couple in 60s and broke
- Hard to stop 'dole bludgers'
- Superannuitant objects to being called a beneficiary

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NZ Herald 22 April 2017

Q&As: Couple in their 60s could still get back into home ownership - helped by KiwiSaver
- Rest home subsidy rule unfair, but not easy to fix
- Benefit helped reader turn around his life
- NZ Super recipient shouldn't pick on beneficiaries

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NZ Herald 8 April 2017

Q&As: Is the family home an investment?
- You can get a benefit even if you have savings ...
- ... And having 1 or 2 boarders won't affect your benefit
- 2 letters on study options for last week's correspondent
- One way to save for retirement travel in Europe
- Should 'whingers' take care of elderly parents themselves?

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