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NZ Herald 27 May 2017

Q&As: Million-dollar savings goals do more harm than good
- Retirement expectations rise and so should saving
- Don't like one housing forecast? Here are some more
- Several NZ passive fund providers

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NZ Herald 20 May 2017

Q&As: Predicted house price fall no big deal for most
- Older KiwiSaver may be okay in growth fund
- "Ad for active investing" not so convincing
- Forex trader's record worrying

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NZ Herald 6 May 2017

Q&As: Index fund comparison inaccurate - and look how shares have grown!
- Broke couple could share their house ...
- ... or live on a boat
- Beneficiaries entitled too
- Paying for your rest home? Lucky you
- Services for Seniors booklet tells all

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NZ Herald 24 December 2016

Q&As: When you can take diversification too far
- Where to invest in passive or index funds
- Book is older than I thought
- 2 letters from immigrants express their appreciation
- 15 years later, advice has proved helpful

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NZ Herald 17 December 2016

Q&As: Many reasons why a winning active share fund won't stay on top
- Why do husband and wife's funds perform so differently?
- Offset mortgages more vulnerable than revolving credit loans
- No plans for 2 big banks to follow others with offset mortgages
- Do employers deserve praise for contributing to KiwiSaver?
- Update on proposal to raise NZ Super age

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NZ Herald 10 December 2016

Q&As: Couple should get into KiwiSaver, and changes proposed for the scheme
- Could the growing popularity of index funds mess up markets?
- My comments on Brian Gaynor's column about index fund investing

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NZ Herald 26 November 2016

Q&As: Better to put savings towards mortgage than emergency fund
- How to weigh up KiwiSaver versus other saving
- Reader not stuck with KiwiSaver provider, but costly to move
- Reactions vary on discussion about which indexes to use

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NZ Herald 12 November 2016

Q&As: Risky to put all your money in a single share
- Reader recommends book and website about index funds
- NZ research on active v passive similar to elsewhere
- My maths is called into question
- A reader doesn't like debate in column...
- ... But another reader is happy
- KiwiSaver rules if you move overseas

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NZ Herald 5 November 2016

Q&As: In retirement planning, first work out how long you're likely to live
- Did angry reader actually read my last column?
- Another columnist and I battle it out over active v passive funds
- Sometimes leasehold property works out well
Money column for November 5 2016

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RNZ Radio 13 October 2016

Listeners' questions, comments and quibbles on the last discussion - on index funds and exchange traded funds

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RNZ Radio 29 September 2016

My favourite type of share investment - index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)

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RNZ Radio 15 September 2016

Why I'm sticking with shares for the long term - despite recent research

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NZ Herald 10 September 2016

Q&As: Ethical investing can be effective - even if it's not done perfectly
- KiwiSaver tax credit continues if you're overseas briefly
- Deduction of overseas pension from NZ Super the only fair way

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NZ Herald 21 May 2016

Q&As: Rates postponement a good option for couple
- Fraud investigator writes about scams ...
- ... And so does a victim
- Vanguard not the only US index fund option

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NZ Herald 14 May 2016

Q&As: Steer clear of Hong Kong share pitch
- Hedging applies to most KiwiSaver investors
- A way to hedge an index fund investment

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NZ Herald 7 May 2016

Q&As: Thai retirement not so cheap
- Buffett not unbalanced
- 3 Q&As on investing in international index funds

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NZ Herald 30 April 2016

Q&As: The richest ones don't look rich
- Why index share fund fees are higher in NZ
- Another way to invest in Smartshares
- Why NZ investors are hit particularly hard by inflation

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NZ Herald 23 April 2016

Q&As: Smartshares are a good way to get into share investing ...
- ... And they beat mortgage repayment for one reader
- Who worries more, rich or poor retirees?
- Retirement Commissioner seeks your thoughts

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