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NZ Herald 27 May 2017

Q&As: Million-dollar savings goals do more harm than good
- Retirement expectations rise and so should saving
- Don't like one housing forecast? Here are some more
- Several NZ passive fund providers

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RNZ Radio 30 March 2017

Gender and Investing

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RNZ Radio 22 December 2016

KiwiSaver: Why some people aren't in it (Part 3), and listeners' questions about the scheme

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NZ Herald 18 June 2016

Q&As: Ignore misleading KiwiSaver salesman, but maximize your tax credit
- Change to contributions holidays just a suggestion
- 1970s house much more modest than today's houses
- Well done! - but take care about judging others' spending

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Radio NZ 21 January 2016

Goal setting and the B word (budgeting)

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