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NZ Herald 31 March 2018

Q&As: Small town a good deal for retired couple
- Budgeting whizz kid loved story of woman buying a house on $30,000 ...
- ... but struggling mother didn't
- Can't reinvest dividends? Send them to your KiwiSaver account
- My recommended real estate commission structure outlined
- Reader outdoes agents, selling on her own

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NZ Herald 24 March 2018

Q&As: How to tell term deposit institutions apart
- Frugal superannuitants seem hurt by last week's column
- Real estate agent defends colleagues, and shares a couple of secrets
- Dividend reinvestment plans work well for many shareholders
- 2 Q&As on who is a professional

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NZ Herald 2 September 2017

Q&As: Taking socially responsible investing a step further - investing in 'good' companies
- Tax-favoured shares not necessarily a wise investment
- Lots of fee payments early on worry new KiwiSaver
- NZ has low-tax high-dividend share funds

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NZ Herald 26 August 2017

Q&As: Share investor has excelled - but don't count on it continuing
- A good company is not necessarily a good investment
- Couple can't leave intact KiwiSaver accounts to their daughters
- Another way to invest emergency money

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RNZ Radio 15 June 2017

Investment risks - Part 4: Ups and downs in investments, emotions and fees

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NZ Herald 15 October 2016

Q&As: Like it or not, retiree didn't directly contribute to NZ Super he now receives
- Buying leasehold property is for high risk takers only
- KiwiSaver first home withdrawal rules much less than grant rules
- Dividends beat bank interest, but riskier

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RNZ Radio 15 September 2016

Why I'm sticking with shares for the long term - despite recent research

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NZ Herald 9 April 2016

Q&As: New index will tell more about how 65-pluses spend
- Was I dismissive to a reader last week?
- Is diversification the main point in a high-yield share portfolio?
- Original high-yield correspondent explains his strategy
- Sharebroker info useful but don't get into frequent trading

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NZ Herald 2 April 2016

Q&As: Live well on $15,000 a year in Thailand
- Reader questions last week's correspondent's dividend income ...
- ... While another reader explains it, and wonders about adviser role
- Better to read the column regularly than to chance upon it in some packaging!

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NZ Herald 21 November 2015

Q&As: Why it's better to sell a home before buying another one
- Reader alarmed by what I said about interest on bonds
- Do high dividends go with high risk?
- Another KiwiSaver provider offers regular withdrawals in retirement

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NZ Herald 14 November 2015

Q&As: Investing for dividend income okay for some, but has its risks
- Info outdated on ANZ's KiwiSaver cash fund holdings
- BNZ cash fund returns not so bad, but that's not the main point
- Reader challenges Kiwibank's KiwiSaver investing
- Interest paid on KiwiSaver money-in-waiting

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