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NZ Herald 26 September 2015

Q&As: You can - and should - be in KiwiSaver as well as work super scheme
- Couple should get rid of rental property stress
- The big share gain that got away
- How to keep an inheritance out of relationship property

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NZ Herald 21 February 2015

Q&As: Do bank bonds beat term deposits for savings for a house?
- Does separated woman taking a risk remaining in the family home?
- 3 Q&As about a father's loan to a daughter and sibling rivalry

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NZ Herald 13 December 2014

Q&As: New Zealanders are 'all talk and no action' on ethical funds
- Don't try to time markets with your KiwiSaver account
- Why we need a capital gains tax
- Why rental property should be taxed like other businesses
- Landlords not necessarily admirable, but ...

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NZ Herald 20 April 2013

Q&As: Two readers warn about trying to control children's inheritances
- Do adult children expect an inheritance these days?
- A bit of confusion over KiwiSaver and tax
- Two readers' ideas on rethinking student loans

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NZ Herald 6 April 2013

Q&As: You can be regarded as being in a de facto relationship even if you don't live together
- Accountant gives bad advice on joining KiwiSaver
- Paying extra off the mortgage versus saving outside KiwiSaver
- 2 Q&As about young man who is NZ tax resident but still pays interest on his student loan
- Reader's student loan idea might work - depending on family dynamics

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NZ Herald 30 March 2013

Q&As: 2 readers tell of struggles for overseas students repaying student loans
- Another reader explains why he let his student children run up loans and then helped to repay them
- Confusion over changes to KiwiSaver employer contributions
- Will a pre-nuptial agreement do the trick?
- Can a parent draw up a Section 21 agreement for their adult child?

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NZ Herald 23 March 2013

Q&As: Should student loan interest - for people overseas - be lower than mortgage rates?
- Why parents let students run up loans, and then repay the loans for them
- One way parents can help their adult child buy a home without losing the money to the child's ex later on
- How the new partner of a widow might get his share if they split up

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NZ Herald 16 March 2013

Q&As: Student loan question brings out the differences in a couple's attitudes to money
- 2 Q&As about making use of the student loan repayment bonus - which expires on March 31 - while students are still studying
- Clarification of some tricky wording about student loans
- A warning for couples: Relationship property agreements should not be DIY

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NZ Herald 9 March 2013

Q&As: Your KiwiSaver account won't always grow, if you're not contributing
- Inland Revenue sticks to its guns about employer obligations around KiwiSaver
- 2 Q&As about trusts set up to protect inheritances from relationship property claims
- Some thoughts about relationship property problems, including help with difficult conversations

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NZ Herald 2 March 2013

Q&As: What happens if new employer doesn't take KiwiSaver contributions out of your pay
- Property relationship idea not as good as it seems
- How one reader contracted out of the Property Relationships Act

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NZ Herald 23 February 2013

Q&As: Relationship property - when does the clock start ticking?
- One way - plus a few others - that a mother could protect her daughter's inheritance
- Trusts not so cheap to set up
- Should people get access to their money when KiwiSaver changes?

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NZ Herald 9 February 2013

Q&As: Ways to keep a daughter's partner's hands off an inheritance if he leaves the daughter
- Another provider of reverse mortgages
- 2 Q&As on the pluses and minuses of reverse mortgages

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