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NZ Herald 3 June 2017

Q&As: Is mortgage interest as 'dead' as rent?
- $1 million needed in retirement, says reader ...
- ... But here's how you can do well with half that

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NZ Herald 25 February 2017

Q&As: Questions to ask before parents lend mortgage money to their children
- Determined couple pay down big mortgage fast
- Bank's reluctance to extend credit card limit is surprising
- Tax adviser thinks tax should have been mentioned last week

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NZ Herald 28 March 2015

Q&As: 'No' on deductions but 'yes' on student loan for teen entrepreneur
- Clarification on KiwiSaver fees for children
- Doesn't performance matter more than fees?
- Give or lend to adult children when they need it, not when you die

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NZ Herald 21 March 2015

Q&As: How to make KiwiSaver work well for children
- Watch the fees particularly if you have a high KiwiSaver balance
- Further help for last week's provincial couple?
- Worried about your kids' inheritance? Bring them up well!

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NZ Herald 7 March 2015

Q&As: Some ideas better than others for those worried about bank deposits
- Reader scares friends unnecessarily
- How to even out loans to siblings in a will
- "Only thing my girls are getting is an education"

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NZ Herald 21 February 2015

Q&As: Do bank bonds beat term deposits for savings for a house?
- Does separated woman taking a risk remaining in the family home?
- 3 Q&As about a father's loan to a daughter and sibling rivalry

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NZ Herald 9 February 2013

Q&As: Ways to keep a daughter's partner's hands off an inheritance if he leaves the daughter
- Another provider of reverse mortgages
- 2 Q&As on the pluses and minuses of reverse mortgages

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