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RNZ Radio 13 December 2018

Winning questions

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RNZ Radio 15 November 2018

Reverse mortgages: A worry or a great idea?

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RNZ Radio 1 November 2018

Listeners' questions about mortgages

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NZ Herald 20 October 2018

Q&As: Woman starting again after separation could get KiwiSaver help
- Reverse mortgage not a good idea for retiree with rental and cash
- How to decide your KiwiSaver risk level

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NZ Herald 13 October 2018

Q&As: Paying down mortgage beats adding to KiwiSaver
- Why it can be good to be in more than one KiwiSaver fund
- Will this work instead of a reverse mortgage?, readers asks
- Come on, KiwiSaver providers!

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NZ Herald 22 September 2018

Q&As: Reverse mortgages not usually good in your 50s, but maybe for this couple
- 89-year-old's plan includes a reverse mortgage
- 'Victim' reluctant to complain about payday lender
- Sharped-eyed reader makes some points about last week's column

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NZ Herald 25 February 2017

Q&As: Questions to ask before parents lend mortgage money to their children
- Determined couple pay down big mortgage fast
- Bank's reluctance to extend credit card limit is surprising
- Tax adviser thinks tax should have been mentioned last week

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RNZ Radio 27 October 2016

Eating your house: ways to make use of the value of your house in retirement

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NZ Herald 1 December 2012

Q&As: Reverse mortgages can work well, if you know what you're doing
- Where to get comparable info on KiwiSaver fees
- A parent's worries about KiwiSaver are probably unfounded

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NZ Herald 16 February 2013

Q&As: A company that promises way too much. Steer clear!
- 2 Q&As about how reverse mortgages might affect government residential care subsidies
- More on relationship property next week

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NZ Herald 9 February 2013

Q&As: Ways to keep a daughter's partner's hands off an inheritance if he leaves the daughter
- Another provider of reverse mortgages
- 2 Q&As on the pluses and minuses of reverse mortgages

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NZ Herald 2 February 2013

Q&As: Interest-only mortgages have major flaws
- Another - good - approach to reverse mortgages
- Are the banks ripping us off with reverse mortgages?
- Spending certainly didn't decrease for this new retiree
- KiwiSaver contributions flexible

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NZ Herald 26 January 2013

Q&As: Beneficiary can do well with KiwiSaver - with help from a Buddy
- Elderly couple shocked at how fast reverse mortgage is growing
- Should reverse mortgage interest rates be lower?

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NZ Herald 15 December 2012

Q&As: The pluses outweigh the minuses when putting kids into KiwiSaver
- Some thoughts about reverse mortgages
- Alternatives to reverse mortgages
- An end of year message

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NZ Herald 8 December 2012

Q&As: Child's KiwiSaver account highly unlikely to shrink to zero
- Family could do its own "reverse mortgage"
- Some downsides of reverse mortgages

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