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NZ Herald 29 July 2017

Q&As: Why term deposit returns now beat old returns above 10%
- Is it OK if an employer makes employees pay their own KiwiSaver employer contributions?
- Is it better to pay down the mortgage fast or be in KiwiSaver?
- Might a fees-only financial adviser still accept commissions?

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RNZ Radio 1 June 2017

Investment risks - Part 3: Looking over your shoulder or overseas, or overlooking inflation

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NZ Herald 30 April 2016

Q&As: The richest ones don't look rich
- Why index share fund fees are higher in NZ
- Another way to invest in Smartshares
- Why NZ investors are hit particularly hard by inflation

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NZ Herald 16 April 2016

Q&As: Employees not limited to 3,4 or 8% KiwiSaver contributions
- Should young couple get into rental property?
- An investment option for Muslims
- 2 ways to get into share investing
- Many prices have fallen over the years

Money column for April 16 2016

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NZ Herald 26 March 2016

Q&As: Reader suggests an economist could explain unfair tax on term deposits and property investment
- ... And the economist does so
- Shares work well for retiree
- 3 ways another retiree could cut expenses
- How to reduce the cost of a funeral
- Debt-dodging daughter should attend a course

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NZ Herald 12 March 2016

Q&As: Judge interest rates against inflation
- Retired couple seek higher returns
- KiwiSaver provider drops fees on low balances
- Young home buyers weigh up fixed and floating mortgages

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NZ Herald 21 June 2014

Q&As: Reader says column includes too much on KiwiSaver - which won't work well anyway. Also, new 'tool' duds retirees
- Is employer's way of getting employees to basically pay their own KiwiSaver employer contributions legit? ...
- ... Might such practices be outlawed? And how are political parties proposing to change KiwiSaver?
- Family Budgeting Services could be a big help to a couple

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