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NZ Herald 26 May 2018

Q&As: Property investors' interest deductions not unfair
- A landlord's busy week
- Investors contribute to housing shortage
- My suggestion was 'morally wrong'
- Employers shouldn't subsidize retirement savings, reader says
- An omission about taxation of shares
- Keep watching

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NZ Herald 19 May 2018

Q&As: Hard to get info about tax on gains from share trading
- In KiwiSaver, the government's deal gets better, but not the employers'
- Superannuitant should take heating payment and give it to charity
- Landlord objects to my comment, says he works hard
- Comments about financial advisers sought

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RNZ Radio 14 December 2017

Does Christmas have to be like this?

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NZ Herald 3 December 2016

Q&As: More pros and cons of KiwiSaver versus other investments
- Paying down mortgage very effective after tax
- Offset or revolving credit mortgage might suit reader
- Meaningful Christmas gifts

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NZ Herald 5 December 2015

Q&As: A few phone calls can slash hundreds from insurance bills
- We're not all bad, says insurance adviser
- "Freehold" doesn't mean mortgage-free, and beware of leasehold property
- Reasons for Auckland house price rise don't rule out bubble
- Meaningful Christmas gifts

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NZ Herald 20 June 2015

Q&As: Are "women's gifting circles" legit?
- Is bank financial adviser giving "best" advice?
- KiwiSaver tax credits don't cross the Tasman
- Tips on getting more from a revolving credit mortgage

Money column for June 20 2015

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NZ Herald 29 November 2014

Q&As: Do landlords take advantage of others less fortunate?
- How KiwiSaver members are protected from losing their money
- Inland Revenue got it wrong last week about interest deductions on family loans
- Meaningful Christmas gifts

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NZ Herald 10 May 2014

Q&As: Ask your bank for a higher term deposit rate
- How reader got around Genesis Energy share scaling
- Genesis share profits likely to be taxed
- Donate tiny share parcels to charity
- 2 Q&As on advice for woman wondering whether to renovate or sell

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NZ Herald 30 November 2013

Q&As: Should people be forced to put some of their KiwiSaver money into an annuity?
- Highly leveraged property investing is risky
- An investor in both puts some perspective on shares versus property
- Meaningful Christmas gifts

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Syndicated column 1 December 2012 - Self-insurance eases the pain

Have you ever thought, as you pay hundreds of dollars yet again for car or house insurance that you never claim on, that it would be better to bank the premiums and use that money if something went wrong?

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NZ Herald 24 November 2012

Q&As: Lessons from a bad managed fund investment
- An older reader's tips on money and life
- Do parents commit their children to KiwiSaver if they sign them up?
- Meaningful Christmas giving

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NZ Herald 21 July 2012

Q&As: Repeated property do-ups unlikely to bring tax-free gains
- Are shares really better in the long term than property or bank deposits?
- Reader is confused over KiwiSaver first home subsidy price limits
- Sleepless nights over a charity donation

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NZ Herald 14 July 2012

Q&As: Use accessible KiwiSaver money to repay credit card debt, and probably mortgage too
- What exactly does growth in GDP mean?
- 3 readers are unhappy with charities asking for more ...
- And a fourth points out how complicated it can get
- An error last week about donations to St Johns?
- Reader happy with his healthcare insurance

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NZ Herald 7 July 2012

Q&As: Tax rebates worth having - but are some charities greedy?
- Some health insurance might be too lean and mean
- KiwiSaver employees over 65 should ask the boss to keep contributing
- Is KiwiSaver balance likely to go backwards after retirement?

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NZ Herald 9 June 2012

Q&As: Having trouble with your tax return? Ask Inland Revenue
- More to come in this column on KiwiSaver, even if some readers don't like it
- Cheating on KiwiSaver if you're overseas, and how you might get caught
- 2 Q&As on the fact that everyone - including those who turn 65 - gets 5 years of KiwiSaver incentives
- Charity operates in Christchurch AND overseas

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NZ Herald 2 June 2012

Q&As: Should charity begin at home?
- Advisers may not be the best source on comparing KiwiSaver providers - so how should you do it?
- Can a landlord get KiwiSaver first home help?....
.... And can a son who buys an expensive home with his Dad?
- An accountant questions Housing NZ policy

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