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NZ Herald 1 April 2017

Q&As: University probably the best route to a new start for woman
- Credit cards not linked to mortgages
- Clearing up info on Residential Care Subsidy and gifting
- Do small gifts count when apply for that subsidy?

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NZ Herald 2 November 2013

Q&As: Bankrupt couple could make a new start in a small town ...
- And another reader has an idea for a job for them ...
- And yet another reader suggests trying the Australian outback
- How capital gains tax would work for family with two homes and trusts
- Younger reader asks for a stop to school marm comments about grammar

Money column for November 2 2013

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NZ Herald 26 October 2013

Q&As: Why a 5-year fixed mortgage rate might be better than a 3-year one
5 Q&As - Ideas for couple who have been through bankruptcy: take in students, do phone surveys, get a live-in position, write e-books, babysit
- Grammar granny strikes opposition
- Employers should respond to job applicants

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NZ Herald 3 August 2013

Q&As: Reader's shareholding success probably more luck than skill
- There'll always be renters, but that doesn't mean we have to love landlords
- Property investors with big debt take big risk - and why do they brag?
- Older workers do take jobs from the young to some extent
- KiwiSaver contributions not taken from redundancy pay
- On quitting KiwiSaver to start a business

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NZ Herald 27 July 2013

Q&As: Do older workers pinch jobs from young ones? And would new retirees spend up to avoid means testing?
- Might a government force annuities onto KiwiSaver members?
- How two landlords took a "nasty fall"
- Is sexism raging in KiwiSaver?

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NZ Herald 21 January 2012

Q&As: 2 Q&As suggest it's not always easy to go into the motel business, or other tourism or hospitality businesses
- Should couple stop health insurance and set up their own fund to cover medical expenses?
- Is KiwiSaver still worth being in, given changes that make it less attractive?

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NZ Herald 3 December 2011

Q&As: Is share buying just for the elite?
KiwiSaver first home buyer strikes a hitch - but all is well
60-ish couple could get into rental property
Did our couple blow too much on holidays?

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NZ Herald 26 November 2011

Q&As: Are shares still the best long-term investment, despite recent results?
Investing in bank term deposits has its own risk - that of inflation eating into returns
Older job applicants might want to play down their age on their CV
Volunteering overseas an option for couple in their 60s who can't find jobs

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NZ Herald 19 November 2011

Q&As: The "who and how" of KiwiSaver withdrawals before retirement - including what happens if you go bankrupt
- Was the recent advice on tax for buskers correct, or is their income donations?
- Two readers suggest a short-term approach to employment for 60ish couple made redundant
- Meaningful Christmas gifts

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NZ Herald 12 November 2011

Q&As: Help needed for couple in early 60s who can't find jobs
KiwiSaver member really needs to get her money out - and she should be able to
It's always better if your KiwiSaver fund grows
Did Voltaire actually say it - and does it matter?

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