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NZ Herald 14 December 2013

Q&As: Wisdom for bankrupt couple from one who has been there
- How to find ethical funds in the KiwiSaver Fund Finder
- Dangerous issue with last week's picture
- Stop tampering with KiwiSaver
- Last column of the year and thanks to correspondents

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NZ Herald 7 December 2013

Q&As: The problem with do-it-yourself annuities
- Employee super schemes still offer annuities
- How new tool helps you choose a KiwiSaver provider
- 3 Q&As give advice to bankrupt couple from those who have been there

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NZ Herald 30 November 2013

Q&As: Should people be forced to put some of their KiwiSaver money into an annuity?
- Highly leveraged property investing is risky
- An investor in both puts some perspective on shares versus property
- Meaningful Christmas gifts

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NZ Herald 27 July 2013

Q&As: Do older workers pinch jobs from young ones? And would new retirees spend up to avoid means testing?
- Might a government force annuities onto KiwiSaver members?
- How two landlords took a "nasty fall"
- Is sexism raging in KiwiSaver?

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NZ Herald 25 February 2012

Q&As: Government action needed to help out retirees withdrawing their KiwiSaver money
- No tax when you take money out of KiwiSaver
- KiwiSaver gets good and bad report cards, depending on your approach
- 2 readers explain how they financially helped their student children

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Syndicated column 22 September 2012 - Help needed for retirees to live it up a bit

I'm disappointed. Retired people have been gaining access to their KiwiSaver money for several months now, but there's no emergence of good new products to help them manage their savings.

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Syndicated column 10 September 2011 - Labour shows up National on retirement savings issue

Come on National, you can do better. In less than a year, the first New Zealanders will gain access to their KiwiSaver money to spend in retirement. They need help with how to handle that money.

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NZ Herald 10 September 2011

Q&As: Older workers don't take jobs away from the young
- There are ways around timing problems with annuities
- Last week's angry correspondent apologises, and asks another question about how safe NZ banks are
- Two readers respond to last week's outburst
- One more "set and forget" KiwiSaver fund

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NZ Herald 6 August 2011

Q&As: Am I flogging a dead horse over annuities?
Why annuities are not popular
Perhaps the government should provide annuities
Different types of annuities available
Would it be wise to get an annuity from a UK company?
How KiwiSaver changes will affect shareholder employees

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