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NZ Herald 10 November 2018

Q&As: Help for woman whose husband did all the finances - and then left
- Rent and hold, rent and sell, or stay put?
- Reader points out fishhook in the idea of selling your home and renting in retirement
- At least one bank gives KiwiSaver members the option of not seeing balance daily

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RNZ Radio 31 May 2018

Men, women, spending and investing

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RNZ Radio 3 May 2018

How to find a financial adviser who has your interests at heart

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Radio NZ 28 January 2016

Setting financial priorities

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NZ Herald 11 September 2010

Q&As: In these changing times, should I still recommend share investment for those with ten years before spending the money?
Another personal finance computer program - and it's free
The advantages of using joint accounts, and of setting up enduring powers of attorney

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