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NZ Herald 24 March 2018

Q&As: How to tell term deposit institutions apart
- Frugal superannuitants seem hurt by last week's column
- Real estate agent defends colleagues, and shares a couple of secrets
- Dividend reinvestment plans work well for many shareholders
- 2 Q&As on who is a professional

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NZ Herald 17 March 2018

Q&As: How did reader get her own home on $38,000? Extraordinary saving
- Home ownership costs much more than just mortgage
- Selling your home - more than one agent, commission levels, auctions
- What's a profession?

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NZ Herald 9 December 2017

&As: Is it terrible to rent all your life rather than buy a home?
- Young man wanting to buy a home should make the most of KiwiSaver
- A real world example of a house price plunging
- Clarification on last week's letter about sole parent support from WINZ
- Sorry, but we're not getting into matchmaking in the column!

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NZ Herald 4 November 2017

Q&As: KiwiSaver providers are poor educators (includes list of ethical KiwiSaver funds)
- No extra protection for KiwiSaver funds
- Pros and cons of property v shares
- The believer, the atheist and the agnostic

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NZ Herald 15 April 2017

Q&As: Best long-term investment for entrepreneurial teen
- Reader aghast that beneficiary can keep savings
- Pictured foot is impressive
- Grateful reader's pension rises after reading column
- Free online booklet about investment risks
- Correction about internet link

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NZ Herald 3 September 2016

Q&As: Should student earn interest while running up student loan?
- Freebies for shareholders left some the worse for wear
- Deduction of Canadian pension from NZ Super seems fair
- Another ethical KiwiSaver fund
- Show Me The Money Week about to start

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NZ Herald 6 February 2016

Q&As: Forget Lotto and enter competitions
- Are Bonus Bonds a good substitute for health insurance?
- Shares not the answer for student's savings
- Reader dislikes my comments about young landlord
- Request for pros and cons of living on a boat

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NZ Herald 17 October 2015

Q&As: How a woman who can't stop herself from spending could tie up an inheritance
- Extra house savings may be better outside KiwiSaver
- Saving in or out of KiwiSaver, and 55-year-old can still aim at home ownership
- More information about life expectancy
- Is ageism rearing its ugly head amongst pensioners?

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NZ Herald 14 December 2013

Q&As: Wisdom for bankrupt couple from one who has been there
- How to find ethical funds in the KiwiSaver Fund Finder
- Dangerous issue with last week's picture
- Stop tampering with KiwiSaver
- Last column of the year and thanks to correspondents

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NZ Herald 9 November 2013

Q&As: Boss's share strategy might work - but it's risky
- Should everyone grow their own veggies?
- Bankrupt couple should use their networks
- When "attributable" is not attributable
- A useful tip about grammar
- Strong feelings on grammar
- This topic is now closed

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NZ Herald 2 November 2013

Q&As: Bankrupt couple could make a new start in a small town ...
- And another reader has an idea for a job for them ...
- And yet another reader suggests trying the Australian outback
- How capital gains tax would work for family with two homes and trusts
- Younger reader asks for a stop to school marm comments about grammar

Money column for November 2 2013

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NZ Herald 26 October 2013

Q&As: Why a 5-year fixed mortgage rate might be better than a 3-year one
5 Q&As - Ideas for couple who have been through bankruptcy: take in students, do phone surveys, get a live-in position, write e-books, babysit
- Grammar granny strikes opposition
- Employers should respond to job applicants

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NZ Herald 19 October 2013

Q&As: Is there life after bankruptcy?
- Tax on KiwiSaver not as bad as portrayed
- Pay highest interest mortgages and other loans first
- One reader dislikes my comment on grammar, but three support it

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NZ Herald 27 July 2013

Q&As: Do older workers pinch jobs from young ones? And would new retirees spend up to avoid means testing?
- Might a government force annuities onto KiwiSaver members?
- How two landlords took a "nasty fall"
- Is sexism raging in KiwiSaver?

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NZ Herald 10 March 2012

Q&As: A reader's 10 rules on property investment make good sense
- 3 Q&As on the fairness of wealthier people using student loans
- Was the word "renter" misused in last week's column?
- Research centre is looking into issues about overseas pensions and NZ Super

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NZ Herald 11 August 2012

Q&As: The kids are off, the house is mortgage-free, now what?
- Couple are disillusioned by pathetic returns on managed funds
- What to do with a small KiwiSaver nestegg when it's your only savings
- Clarifying the rules about KiwiSaver withdrawal if you've moved overseas permanently

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NZ Herald 26 May 2012

Q&As: Reader dislikes "user pays" attitude and has a message for last week's self-proclaimed bigot
- Volunteers sought for overseas work and adventure
- Why young person who has moved to Australia might want to keep contributing to KiwiSaver
- Rules flexible for overseas KiwiSavers wanting to return to NZ to buy a first home
- A bank seems to be listening

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NZ Herald 19 June 2010

Q&As: Reader better off holding on to Auckland house while moving elsewhere to care for mother
How to maximise the KiwiSaver tax credit - before June 30
Should non-employee KiwiSaver contribute more than $1043 a year, or put further savings elsewhere?
Four readers offer alternatives to "Mum and Dad investors", but none of their ideas is great
This column pleads "Not guilty" of sexism

Money column for May 29 2010

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NZ Herald 12 June 2010

Q&As: A way for couples on higher incomes to get KiwiSaver first home help
Man with terminal illness can probably withdraw all KiwiSaver money
KiwiSaver contributions holidays more flexible than reader realises
More thoughts on why house prices have outgrown rents
2 readers challenge the use of the term "Mum and Dad investors" - and we seek an alternative

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