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NZ Herald 23 May 2015

KiwiSaver Kick-start ends
Q&As: Patience needed on new first home KiwiSaver withdrawal rules
- How to get around KiwiSaver guardian rules
- Reader skeptical about Reserve Bank statements

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NZ Herald 13 September 2014

Q&As: How would Labour's proposed variable KiwiSaver contributions rate work?
- Labour's capital gains tax and.... shares
- ... public submissions before the tax is enacted
- ... how inheritances would be treated
- ... family homes and baches in a trust
- ... using part of the home for business
- ... its effect on house prices
- ... its effect on rents

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NZ Herald 31 May 2014

Q&As: Comparing the Government's Budget with a family budget
- 3 Q&As about apologies, "amazing", "awesome", and correcting grammar
- Should retiree add $500,000 of other savings to his KiwiSaver account?

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NZ Herald 13 July 2013

Q&As: Our population is getting older, but not as fast as a reader fears. How will it affect house prices?
- Means testing of NZ Super not given high priority in new report

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Syndicated column 15 December 2012 - Tricky questions to ponder on the beach walk

Summer holidays - a time to look beyond what's happening in your life over the next week or so. How about the next 40 years?

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NZ Herald 14 July 2012

Q&As: Use accessible KiwiSaver money to repay credit card debt, and probably mortgage too
- What exactly does growth in GDP mean?
- 3 readers are unhappy with charities asking for more ...
- And a fourth points out how complicated it can get
- An error last week about donations to St Johns?
- Reader happy with his healthcare insurance

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Syndicated column May 16 2009 - Ill wind not as bad as it seems

An email from a Christchurch reader has got me thinking. "In any game it is either a win, loss or a draw," he writes. "Right now there are plenty of losers, nationally and globally - individuals, institutions, banks, organizations, even one or two countries. So who are the winners?"

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