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NZ Herald 16 December 2017

Q&As: ACC recipient wants to get the best out of KiwiSaver
- Should extra savings go into KiwiSaver?
- How much should go into 'cool' investments, such as bitcoin and flash cars?
- How one reader in 20s approached the property ownership issue

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NZ Herald May 30 2009

Q&As: "Gambler" with foreign currency movements had better get out of the casino before he loses more than his shirt
2 readers object to what I said last week about managed funds - but are their comments fair?
The fun continues over classic cars and whether they make good investments

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NZ Herald May 23 2009

Q&A: Don't let international survey put you off investing in managed funds
Reader challenges comments about classic cars

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NZ Herald May 16 2009

Q&As: Reader has an offer for the young man in last week's column
Classic cars are not the great investment many think they are
Online info helps you keep track of your KiwiSaver money
Is a possible future government "swoop" on KiwiSavers a reason not to join?

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NZ Herald May 9 2009

Q&As: Should fun be the deciding factor for 20-year-old's savings?
2 Q&As about topping up KiwiSaver accounts to get the maximum tax credit
Plus: Survey finds top KiwiSaver gripe is lack of information

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