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NZ Herald 23 June 2018

Q&As: Check credit ratings before investing in finance companies
- Reader gets higher term deposit interest by asking
- Possible interest rate rise and what to do about your mortgage
- How KiwiSaver employee contributions are counted towards tax credit

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RNZ Radio 8 February 2018

Coping with a falling KiwiSaver balance

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NZ Herald 29 July 2017

Q&As: Why term deposit returns now beat old returns above 10%
- Is it OK if an employer makes employees pay their own KiwiSaver employer contributions?
- Is it better to pay down the mortgage fast or be in KiwiSaver?
- Might a fees-only financial adviser still accept commissions?

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RNZ Radio 15 June 2017

Investment risks - Part 4: Ups and downs in investments, emotions and fees

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NZ Herald 13 August 2016

Q&As: Couple should try share investing, despite the '87 crash
- Current interest rates not too bad, because inflation is so low
- Should family move once or twice?
- A reader's suggestions for last week's couple not all that helpful

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NZ Herald 12 March 2016

Q&As: Judge interest rates against inflation
- Retired couple seek higher returns
- KiwiSaver provider drops fees on low balances
- Young home buyers weigh up fixed and floating mortgages

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NZ Herald 10 October 2015

Q&As: Calculators that measure your life expectancy more accurately
- Is it better to repay a mortgage or save?
- Don't overreact to worry that KiwiSaver retirement withdrawals could be limited
- Don't assume any interest rate trend will continue
- What would happen to members' savings if a KiwiSaver provider went bust

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NZ Herald 6 December 2014

Q&As: Term deposit interest not so bad for people in retirement
- How much in savings to get income equal to NZ Super?
- Reader challenges my comment about landlords' tax

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NZ Herald 1 March 2014

Q&As: More can be in KiwiSaver than commonly thought
- Banks no help when comparing deposit rates
- Are New Zealanders out of step about the security of home ownership?
- Don't rush to move house when the kids leave home
- Are KiwiSaver fees tax deductable?

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NZ Herald 4 May 2013

Q&As: Which is riskier, moving to a posher suburb now or waiting?
- Retired man's preference for shares may be riskier than he realizes
- You can't cash in KiwiSaver to buy Mighty River Power shares

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NZ Herald 4 August 2012

This week we are publishing the second excerpt from a small book Mary Holm has written for the Reserve Bank called "Upside, downside: A guide to risk for savers and investors". It will be given away free to the public in September. This column will tell you how to get a copy then. Today we look at examples of risky investor behaviour. The normal Q&A column will resume next week.

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Syndicated column 17 November 2009 - It pays to know how numbers grow

The recent fuss over food price rises shows how little feel many New Zealanders have for the power of compounding numbers. And that lack of knowledge could harm them when borrowing and investing.

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NZ Herald 18 July 2009

Q&As: Several signs that company offering racing tips is not the path to riches
Managers of Westpac's poorly performing KiwiSaver cash fund ask investors to be patient
Happy investor says "KiwiSaver rocks" - even though he's too pessimistic over the future of NZ Super

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NZ Herald July 4 2009

Q&As: Mother seeks advice on financial steps to take after husband is diagnosed with terminal illness
Investor in KiwiSaver cash fund hasn't done as badly as he thinks
Happy landlord reaps rewards from treating tenants well
Advice from this column about loans within families has saved time for a reader time - and money for her parents

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Syndicated column 30 June 2009 - How would you have done in financial knowledge survey?

It's question time. How would you have answered the following in a recent survey: "Which is generally considered to make you the most money over the next 15 to 20 years: a savings account, range of shares, range of fixed interest investments, or a cheque account?"

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NZ Herald March 21 2009

Q&As: Tips for retired couple whose interest income has halved.
Savings accounts may pay more interest than term deposits - but take care.
Tax on foreign shares seems tough in current environment

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NZ Herald November 8 2008

Q&As: PIES have many more pros than cons, with tax breaks and, in some cases, a government guarantee
Single parent with three rentals might want to sell one - but not for the reason she suggests
Plus: readers' views on KiwiSaver

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