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NZ Herald 7 June 2014

Q&As: Priorities for a family making a KiwiSaver financial hardship withdrawal
- Use savings to pay off mortgage
- Is KiwiSaver really tax-exempt?
- How to calculate KiwiSaver tax credit for the year in which you turn 65
- Older KiwiSaver goes for riskier funds
- Is there age discrimination in KiwiSaver?

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NZ Herald 22 May 2010

Q&As: Three Q&As on options for would-be first home buyers struggling to afford a home - go cheaper, and go further away. (Bonus: a job opening in Wanganui)
An angry reader misunderstands where I'm coming from
Two Q&As ponder how building costs and land development costs affect house prices
Further explanation about how PIRs work

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NZ Herald 5 September 2009

Q&As: Delaying joining KiwiSaver can mean you'll miss out on many thousands of dollars
How retired person can get the best out of KiwiSaver
Couple should use PIEs to make the most of their savings

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NZ Herald May 23 2009

Q&A: Don't let international survey put you off investing in managed funds
Reader challenges comments about classic cars

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NZ Herald December 6 2008

Q&As: Couple can afford to retire youngish, especially if they are willing to eat into their savings.
Cash PIE not always a good substitute for a term deposit - but there's another way to achieve reader's goal using PIE tax advantages.

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NZ Herald November 8 2008

Q&As: PIES have many more pros than cons, with tax breaks and, in some cases, a government guarantee
Single parent with three rentals might want to sell one - but not for the reason she suggests
Plus: readers' views on KiwiSaver

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