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RNZ Radio 20 September 2018

Ethical (or responsible) investing - what we say versus what we do

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NZ Herald 4 November 2017

Q&As: KiwiSaver providers are poor educators (includes list of ethical KiwiSaver funds)
- No extra protection for KiwiSaver funds
- Pros and cons of property v shares
- The believer, the atheist and the agnostic

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NZ Herald 2 September 2017

Q&As: Taking socially responsible investing a step further - investing in 'good' companies
- Tax-favoured shares not necessarily a wise investment
- Lots of fee payments early on worry new KiwiSaver
- NZ has low-tax high-dividend share funds

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RNZ Radio 13 October 2016

Listeners' questions, comments and quibbles on the last discussion - on index funds and exchange traded funds

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NZ Herald 10 September 2016

Q&As: Ethical investing can be effective - even if it's not done perfectly
- KiwiSaver tax credit continues if you're overseas briefly
- Deduction of overseas pension from NZ Super the only fair way

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NZ Herald 3 September 2016

Q&As: Should student earn interest while running up student loan?
- Freebies for shareholders left some the worse for wear
- Deduction of Canadian pension from NZ Super seems fair
- Another ethical KiwiSaver fund
- Show Me The Money Week about to start

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NZ Herald 27 August 2016

Q&As: Who should add a windfall to KiwiSaver, and who shouldn't
- Reader gets fun out of direct share investment
- Was Rabobank included in recent stress tests?
- Is there any point in reader continuing pension contributions?
- Which KiwiSaver funds are 'ethical'

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Radio NZ 12 November 2015

Two issues: Is home ownership the only way to go? And ethical investing

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NZ Herald 20 December 2014

Q&As: Couple gets a second chance for the KiwiSaver first home subsidy
- Where to get info on ethical KiwiSaver funds
- An ethical KiwiSaver fund with a difference
- Thanks to readers throughout the year

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NZ Herald 13 December 2014

Q&As: New Zealanders are 'all talk and no action' on ethical funds
- Don't try to time markets with your KiwiSaver account
- Why we need a capital gains tax
- Why rental property should be taxed like other businesses
- Landlords not necessarily admirable, but ...

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NZ Herald 14 December 2013

Q&As: Wisdom for bankrupt couple from one who has been there
- How to find ethical funds in the KiwiSaver Fund Finder
- Dangerous issue with last week's picture
- Stop tampering with KiwiSaver
- Last column of the year and thanks to correspondents

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Syndicated column 9 October 2010 - Prospering from booze, bets, bombs and butts

It won't be everyone's cup of tea - or perhaps I should say glass of scotch - but the performance of a US share fund called the Vice Fund suggests that investing in what other people shun can pay off.

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NZ Herald 13 February 2010

Q&As: Some active share funds will do better than passive index funds, but it's impossible to predict which ones
Don't go chasing high-performing KiwiSaver funds - here's how to choose your provider
Another index fund available in New Zealand
Fee-charging advisers don't gain from putting clients in higher risk investments than they should

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NZ Herald January 31 2009

Q&As: Several options for 20-year-old who worries that the state of the world makes KiwiSaver iffy.
5 Q&As about reader who was offered a mortgage deal that was too good to be true.

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NZ Herald September 13 2008

Win a book
Q&As: KiwiSaver ethical investments options vary widely
Options for KiwiSavers who have gone overseas
A provider challenges my advice on a family spreading its KiwiSaver accounts around

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Syndicated column April 29 2008: Ethical investing likely to catch on here

Ethical investing - which has been increasingly popular in other western countries - is likely to catch on in New Zealand now that KiwiSaver providers have to state in their investment documents whether they offer this option.

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NZ Herald July 28 2007

Q&As: KiwiSaver providers that are offering ethical investment funds.
More on ethical KiwiSaver funds.
Will the KiwiSaver kick-start be around for a while?
Could the government take KiwiSaver money to repay student loans?
Oops! Too much haste.
Sack adviser who recently recommended Bridgecorp.

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