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NZ Herald 18 March 2017

Q&As: Trusts may no longer enable well off elderly to get subsidy
- Possible trap for parents giving money to adult children
- What KiwiSaver rules would change when under National plan
- Partial KiwiSaver tax credit in year you turn 65 - or 18
- Good reasons for using a credit card

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NZ Herald 29 August 2015

Q&As: Retired couple paying for rest home now wish they had spent more earlier
- Are NZ Super recipients beneficiaries?
- Reader thinks it's bad to eat into capital in retirement
- How couple might set up a first home account

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NZ Herald 18 May 2013

Q&As: When are capital gains taxed?
- Should separated father's income count when applying for a student allowance?
- Too much in this column on KiwiSaver?
- The government's thinking on income in family trusts

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NZ Herald 11 May 2013

Q&As: Does rental property have tax advantages over shares?
- What happens if somebody wrongfully gets KiwiSaver tax credits while living overseas
- Does it work to set up a family trust so your kids can get student allowances?

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NZ Herald13 April 2013

Q&As: Are Mighty River Power shares a sure thing?
- Is it good to get the kids into Mighty River Power?
- What to do when a trustee brother gets all the power

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NZ Herald 9 March 2013

Q&As: Your KiwiSaver account won't always grow, if you're not contributing
- Inland Revenue sticks to its guns about employer obligations around KiwiSaver
- 2 Q&As about trusts set up to protect inheritances from relationship property claims
- Some thoughts about relationship property problems, including help with difficult conversations

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NZ Herald 23 February 2013

Q&As: Relationship property - when does the clock start ticking?
- One way - plus a few others - that a mother could protect her daughter's inheritance
- Trusts not so cheap to set up
- Should people get access to their money when KiwiSaver changes?

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NZ Herald 8 October 2011

Q&As: An idea for a woman who doesn't know what to do with all the money her husband is now making
- How much is a tax deduction worth?
- Unfairness in rest home subsidies unavoidable - unless you want to distort your spending
- "Add-back" of gifts to a trust not as extreme as reader thinks

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NZ Herald 24 September 2011

Q&As: Two Q&As on our recent sawmilling picture - and how they got the huge log up there
- Is it still worth it to set up a trust so you are eligible for the rest home subsidy?
- A suggested way to stop people using trusts to get the rest home subsidy - and are trusts fair?
- Angry reader talks quietly
- Couple in their 60s plan trip to Greece courtesy of KiwiSaver

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NZ Herald 21 May 2011

Q&As: Self-employed probably fare worst in KiwiSaver changes, but scheme still really hard to beat
- Likelihood of more government changes not a good reason to stay out of KiwiSaver
- Abolition of gift tax reduces paper work for family trusts, but doesn't eliminate it
- "Provincial perspective" on changes in house prices over the decades

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NZ Herald 14 May 2011

Q&As: Foreclosed property seminar reminds me of investment warning lists
- Government's proposed changes don't affect current KiwiSaver decisions
- Do banks lend more than their total deposits?
- Am I brainwashed, and perpetuating myths about family trusts?
- Fair enough that housing is not cheap here, says American who moved to NZ

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NZ Herald 7 May 2011

Q&As: A house looks ridiculously cheap in 1958, but let's put that into perspective
- Retiree hit by inflation acknowledges that it could have been worse
- Too hard to get by in New Zealand? Fix it or leave, but don't whinge
- A family wants out of its family trust, which is complex, expensive and not benefitting anyone

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NZ Herald August 27 2005

Q&As: Grandparents don't need a trust to save for their grandchildren.
New Zealand's tax on capital gains is confusing.
Depreciation on rental property.

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