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Something About Mary

Mary Holm financial writerQantas Media Award-winning columnist Mary Holm writes a Q&A personal finance column in the Weekend Herald. She is a member of the Financial Markets Authority board, and a director of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme. She also presents seminars, and frequently discusses personal finance on radio and television.

Mary is the author of five books, three of which were on the NZ bestseller list. They include "Get Rich Slow" and "Investing Made Simple" (both published by Penguin), and three books about KiwiSaver (published by Random House but now out of print). She has also written three booklets for the Reserve Bank, the most recent being Upside, Downside – a guide to risk for savers and investors".

She holds a BA in economic history (Victoria University of Wellington), MA in journalism (University of Michigan) and MBA in finance (University of Chicago, where she was taught by Nobel Laureate Merton Miller and graduated in the top 15%.).

Mary was a member of: the External Advisory Group working with Treasury on its 2013 Long-Term Fiscal Statement, the Savings Working Group in 2010-11, and the Capital Market Development Taskforce in 2009. She also worked for the 1997 Todd report on retirement income. She has been business editor of the Auckland Sun and Auckland Star, and has covered personal finance for the NZ Listener, Australian Financial Review and Chicago Tribune.

She enjoys movies and plays, walking in wild places, swimming, and meeting with friends.

PLEASE NOTE: The opinions Mary expresses in her writing and on this website are in no way connected with the Financial Markets Authority or the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

What Readers Say

Mary routinely edits out compliments from letters before running them in her columns. But here are some recent comments:
  • Just a note to thank you for your excellent advice over the past years. You have been my teacher, guru and rock and I owe a lot of my current security to you.
  • You are always patient, good humoured, humble, easy to understand and just full of good old common sense.
  • Thank you for your inspirational effect on so many lives.
  • I would like to say 'bravo' for what you do for financial literacy in NZ.
  • I do appreciate your articles, one reason why I purchase the NZ Herald is to read them.
  • Greetings from London. I always read your column each week … I think your column is particularly readable for the interested layman and I'm sure it spurs a lot of readers to educate themselves further.
  • Well done that Mary! I hope that your page from last Saturday is saved from the recycling ☺in every household and kept for re-reading.
  • We never know what our economic future will be until it happens, but with both replies you’ve done a lot to clear that fog of uncertainty that is hovering over our heads right now. Keep up the good work.
  • Firstly, thank you for your "Money Column" and book. Many years ago I started educating myself on personal finances by reading your column each week and now feel in control of my money.
  • I have been in KiwiSaver since its inception (thanks to your good advice!).
  • I regularly read your column and we have managed our savings as you have so often advised. My wife and I have saved 10% of our income since we started teaching. The result has been that at the age of 67, we have been retired for 15 years…. My advice to some of readers is read your column carefully, do the research and follow your advice. We have.
  • Thank you for your words of wisdom over the years, well thought out, researched and very interesting.
  • I find your column very informative and on many occasions it has provided me with information that I have been able to personally apply.
  • Your response to the anti-kiwisaver email was fantastic, and far more restrained than I could have been. As a young accountant, I read your column each week with much interest, not in the financial side itself (though over the last two years I have picked up one or two things I didn't already know) but for the wonderful way you communicate these often complex ideas to readers with a low-to-medium financial knowledge…. This is more of a congratulations on a fantastic column than anything else.
  • Thanks for your column. It's clear and easy to understand especially for someone like me who has an aversion to numbers.
  • I read your column online from over here - Oz - it is so considered and well written.
  • Love your column and always find food for thought in it.
  • Thank you so much for you extremely useful and readable column each week in the NZ Herald, a must read.
  • Having read many of your commentaries over the years, I have come to appreciate your frank and independent approach and way in which you put the interests of the public first.
  • Unreservedly I say you are above everybody else and I trust you for an honest answer and good advice.
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